St LUCIA Challenge 2014

Serge takes up a new challenge

Serge OCCHIPINTI will attempt to cross by kitesurf the St Lucia channel between Martinique and St Lucia one way and return and set up a new record.

Serge takes up this new challenge, after his remarkable achievement in June 2013 where he succeeded in reaching St Marteen from Martinique by kitesurf and with a full left arm prosthesis.

To see the course, click on the map…

He will attempt this round crossing during the month of June 2014, usually a very windy month.

– Departure from the Devil’s table, at the southern most point of Martinique
– Turn back at Pigeon Island, north of St Lucia
– Arrival at Marigot Point in le Diamant, Martinique

Total distance : 76km or 41 nautic miles

Serge trains as often as he can, crossing the bay of Fort-de-France and trying each time to improve his speed and increase the time spent on the kiteboard.
His multiple fractures to the left leg are still extremely painful and he still needs to shape up his right arm to compensate the loss of his left arm.

– He needs a support team and sailing material to help him in his attempt. He also needs to find sponsors to finance the boat that will follow him and ensure his safety during the crossing.
– These sponsors can be sure that Serge’s achievements will be popularized through the mass media ; A Google search with « Serge Occhipinti kite » or « défi-kite caraibes » demonstrates all the media impact following his latest sporting achievement : more than 60 articles in the press and TV reports broadcasted in several countries.

– There is only one official record of 1 hour and 54 minutes established by Jacky Pean in windsurfing.
– Serveral international competitors are alrealdy thinking of doing this crossing to beat Serge’s time.

This new sporting adventure is extremely important for Serge ; he wants to show to other disabled persons that it is possible to surpass oneself through sport, to believe in one’s dreams and to forget one’s handicap.

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  1. Ryfe says:


    C’est là une très belle initiative et une preuve de courage impressionnante.
    Je vous souhaite le meilleur et vous encourage dans cette entreprise que je vais relayer autour de moi.


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