Serge belongs Long-Distance F-ONE’ Team

Serge is recognized by F-One for its Long Distance Challenges, including the Caribbean Kite-Challenge he managed between MARTINIQUE and St MARTIN; 230Mn in 6 Steps …
Serge is part of the team Long-Distance F-One, which is its partner and hardware supplier since the beginning, we can found Serge on the Long-Distance page of the new catalog 2016: Collection F-One 2016

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3 Responses to Serge belongs Long-Distance F-ONE’ Team

  1. Whether you leave immediately following the tip of your tour – or even days or perhaps weeks
    later – we’ll offer you the transfer to the airport on your departure flight.

  2. Karibik says:

    Génial les foils ! Cà doit speeder grave.

  3. Karibik says:

    Thanks Serge for being you.

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