St LUCIA Kite-Challenge 2015

Crossing Round trip; MARTINIQUE <-> Ste LUCIA June 26, 2015
Departure from: « La Table du Diable » in MARTINIQUE
Turn around « Pigeon Island » in St LUCIA
Arrival at the « Diamond Rock »
Distance: 74km or 46mn in 2H27mn
Serge has prepared this crossing for several weeks.
As soon as the weather and his schedule would permit, he has made numerous runs in Vauclin and the Bay of Fort de France and physical workouts and cardio in StreetStepper …
Unfortunately, on June 17, during a training in the bay of Fort de France Serge lost his prosthesis and can not find her.
It was therefore necessary to manufacture a new emergency aid in just eight days and it is thanks to the work of Christelle GUITTEAUD that the miracle has been done …
But Serge has not had time to test it sufficiently and this type of prosthesis must be adjusted very accurately, it would have taken much longer for it to be well suited.
Serge still wanted to start, but suffered throughout the crossing and held his wing as virtually its only good arm, which did not allow him to rank among the first …
A superb crossing, rest the prosthesis to improve to beat the record of Lucas VELTEN in 2H
F-One thank you, Roland and Christelle GUITTEAUD and RIM for the organization.